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DevOps Engineer

Engineering – Taipei, Taipei City
Department Engineering
Employment Type Full Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

At Taroko, DevOps engineers are critical in the maintenance and development of new and development of new, and existing, product services including Chef (Automation IT Infrastructure) code. Taroko owns and operates multiple successful SaaS services and online properties, giving our DevOps members the chance to work on different and exciting projects, and tackle new challenges daily. Our DevOps engineers work closely with our developers and product managers to ensure smooth code deployments, as well as to provide solid service maintenance and information security. As a Taroko DevOps engineer, you should be excited about researching new technologies and continuously improving the DevOps lifecycle.

A Glimpse into the Role

  1. Develop, maintain, and improve existing deployed codebases and infrastructure automation code. Ensure the readability of code and infrastructure stability

  2. Manage monitoring systems and be able to accurately identify and report any issues as they arise, reducing the risk of false reports.

  3. Build and maintain CICD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) system. Ensuring the stability of the DevOps flow.

  4. Operations: maintain and ensure the stability of the existing Linux servers. 

We Require

  1. At least 3 years of technical experience in development or system administration

  2. Linux/Unix knowledge and familiarity with Linux/Unix commands

  3. Proficient in Ruby, Python, or other object-oriented programming language

  4. Knowledge of networking fundamentals.


  • Experienced with Infrastructure automation tools (ex. Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt)

  • Experienced with Monitoring tools (ex. Datadog or Elasticsearch )

  • Continuous integration, deployment, and delivery tool experience (ex. Jenkins, Bamboo)

  • Familiar with Ruby on Rails framework or Nodejs

  • System administration experience

  • Experience with SQL or NoSQL Database administration

  • System and network security knowledge

  • Experience with Docker in a production environment


  • Mac Book or laptop provide
  • Wellness monthly allowance
  • Annual health check-up
  • Social gatherings 
  • Free snacks, drink, and fruit
  • Free massage - Monday and Thursday 1pm to 5pm
  • Monday breakfast and Wednesday afternoon tea
  • Annually 15 days PTO and 5 days paid sick leave annually

在泰樂科技,DevOps工程師需要維護既有的服務,包括產品服務與DevOps Flow相關功能,開發和維護Chef (Automation IT Infrastructure)等程式碼。與開發人員與產品管理人員討論溝通,主要於部署/服務建置與維護性/資訊安全,並且樂於接收新知,持續強化目前DevOps流程。主要工作粗分為兩大類,分別為DevOpsOperations


開發與維護腳本,包括部署腳本與自動化Infrastructure腳本,並且持續調整與優化,確保程式可           定性與穩定性。
開發維護CICD (Continuous Integration && Continuous Delivery)系統,使得自動測試與自動部署的DevOps流程能夠持續運行。
Operations: 維護目前Linux伺服器,保證穩定性,透過監控系統針對不同狀況做處理。
熟悉程式語言Ruby, Python或者其他物件導向語言。
具有Infrastructure Automation等相關經驗 (ex. Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt )。
具有System Administration經驗。
具有SQLNo-SQL Database Administration經驗。
熟悉Ruby on Rails框架 Nodejs語言。
具有Load BalancerWeb Server相關經驗(ex. HAproxy, Nginx)。


不定期聚會 (節慶派對/ 郊遊/ 團隊活動)
每天都有吃不完免費零食、 飲料、水果/ 星期一早餐/ 星期三下午茶
免費肩頸按摩 星期一和四 下午一到五點
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